Karen G Panama Hat


The Karen G by Doria 1905 hat is a wide-brimmed Drop model made in Panama Cuenca, a fabric made from strands of straw typical of the city of the same name. Salento artisans process the unshaped semi-finished product from Ecuador with the help of steam and heat, making the pull by hand into special wooden shapes. Through this processing, the material acquires the desired shape of the crown and brim. The material from which the famous panama is made follows several processing steps: it is a weave of “paja-toquilla” strands, a straw made from the leaves of Carludovica palmata, a plant native to Central and South America.

The making of the Karen G hat is very handmade: in fact, it is made using only water vapor and heat, pulling it by hand over wooden shapes.

The grosgrain belt represents the final detail of a unique hat.

  • 100% Handcrafted  in Italy
  • 100% genuine Panama woven in Ecuador
  • Sizing :
  • From size 56 to 58 (S, M, L)

Size 56, Size 57, Size 58


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