Levante Hemp Hat


The Levante hat presents the classic head shape called “Drop” characteristic of the Italian hat brand Doria 1905. With a very wide brim: (12 cms). It is a hat with a lot of personality, in a natural wheat color and with a beetle-colored ribbon on the crown. The material from which it is made is a very light hemp fiber fabric. Hemp is an absolutely biocompatible and environmentally sustainable plant in the sense that cultivation can be repeated countless times in the same field without impoverishing it, but rather, on the contrary, recovers and softens the very structure of the soil. It is a particularly elastic and durable material, so the hat is not afraid of wrinkles and can be handled without special care and attention. It is not recommended, however, to keep it rolled up for a long time, as it can lose its characteristic shape. This fabric is not bleached before the dye is applied, which gives the dye itself a natural and enveloping tone. The processing of the Levante hat is very unique and has a strong connotation of craftsmanship. C. Skeins of woven hemp strips are sewn by placing them side by side, starting at the top, and forming loop after loop in the shape of a chapel. Subsequently, the resulting raw crown is worked with the only help of steam and heat, pulling it by hand over wooden molds so that it takes the desired shape, and finally, it is left to dry in the open air.

  • Made 100% Handcrafted in Italy By Doria 1905
  • 100% Hemp Fiber
  • Size : From size 56 to 58 (S, M, L)

Size 56, Size 57, Size 58


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